Beresford Kennedy


Beresford Kennedy

I am a Family Law Barrister and I have joined Jackson West as a Partner, having successfully worked together with colleagues here over many years. I am very excited to be associated with such an excellent team. 

I have been a barrister for 20 years. Prior to joining Jackson West, I was Head of the Family Law team at a barrister’s chambers in London and Portsmouth.

I advise in all areas of family law, with my primary area of practice being financial issues during/in divorces, separations or the ending of civil partnerships.

I also advise in the drafting of pre-nuptial agreements and-post nuptial agreements.

My cases usually include consideration of the division of the assets of parties, such as the family home and other property, and any ongoing maintenance.

I have represented many ‘High net-worth’ clients, and my cases often include complex issues such as business assets, large pension pots, family trusts and issues of a party’s capacity to earn. I also act in cases where some of the assets are outside of the UK.

I realise how difficult things can be during and after a separation. I pride myself on my ability to listen to a client’s needs and to work towards achieving the best outcome. 

I am able to assist you and advise you at any stage of your circumstances. If matters cannot be resolved by agreement, I am able to represent you at all levels of court. It may be a benefit to you that I can continue helping you with your case even if things get very complicated.

Away from work, I try to get out into fresh air as much as I can and on a weekend, I can usually be found on my bicycle or on the tennis court.



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