A personal approach <br />to family law

A personal approach
to family law

Financial Arrangements

When a couple separate or divorce there are usually financial issues to be resolved. Both parties will have housing needs which need to be met and there will be assets to divide. This is a complicated area of law and there is no formula as to how income and assets should be divided.

A separating couple are often able to reach agreement as to how they wish to divide their assets; if you reach agreement we can assist you to make that legally binding and advise you as to whether such agreement is likely to be approved by the Court.

If you are unable to reach agreement we can advise you as to how to resolve matters and give you advice on both methods of alternative dispute resolution, reaching a negotiated settlement or how to resolve the situation through issue of Court proceedings.

Whilst we encourage resolution of financial issues by agreement, we recognise that this is not always possible and that in some cases it is more cost and time effective to issue Court proceedings.

When negotiating a financial settlement there are three key areas to consider, capital, income and pensions. We will help you to consider how your current and future needs can best be met in order to safeguard your financial future.

We have acted in complicated financial cases involving family businesses and trusts; large pensions, acting for professionals such as GPs and accountants. We have good links with barristers and other experts and can assist you in seeking additional expert advice where necessary.

We are able to advise in relation to emergency protection of assets if there is a concern that one party will dispose of matrimonial assets without the other party’s consent. We can assist with emergency applications for maintenance and have recently successfully represented a vulnerable client in relation to an application for her legal expenses to be paid by her husband.

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