Wills, Trusts & Probate

Intelligent planning for the future can help maximise your financial position and protect your family on death.

Our experienced team can advise you in relation to the preparation of a will and tax planning, allowing you to leave money and property as you choose and appoint guardians for young children.

A Will allows you to leave money and property as you choose, allows you to appoint guardians for young children, leave gifts to charity and also to other family members that may not be automatically entitled to a share of your estate.

In the event that you have lost a loved one, we can take care of the paperwork that follows and guide you through the Probate process if necessary. Our kind and efficient staff will ease the burden of dealing with a death.

We can also provide advice in relation to Inheritance Tax if it applies to the estate, and possibly be able to recommend after-death variations to ensure that you get the best out of the possible tax implications of a Will.

Illustrative Pricing

We have prepared a guide to the fees that we charge for our probate services.

Please click here to download a copy.