A personal approach <br />to family law

A personal approach
to family law

Armed Forces Divorce

It is very important for members of the Armed Forces and the Police to get specialist advice if they are contemplating divorce. This is particularly important when there are pension assets involved. Incorrect advice can lead to pension sharing orders being made which favour one party over another and bigger pension sharing than was intended by the parties.

Mark Eyles and Kate Scammell have joined us from a firm in Hampshire where they specialised in providing advice to Armed Forces. They have experience in providing key advice in respect of pension sharing on divorce.

If you require further advice in respect of this specialist area do not hesitate to e-mail or call and ask to speak to Kate or Mark. If necessary we can provide appointments by Skype or telephone.

Kate Scammell

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Kate Scammell: I am a Partner and a Chartered Legal Executive. I specialise in high net worth cases involving complex financial assets and disputes regarding children.

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