A personal approach <br />to family law

A personal approach
to family law

Rights for Grandparents

In many family situations, children grow up visiting their grandparents on holiday or spending time with them during the week. The separation or divorce of their parents can put a strain on the children's relationships with their grandparents. Often, maintaining this relationship is in the best interests of the children to help them through this difficult time.

At Jackson West we have experience of acting for grandparents to try and resolve disputes about seeing grandchildren amicably. If that is not possible we can assist you in making an application to the Court to see your grandchildren.

While it is usually the case that children will live with their parents, sometimes that is not possible and it is necessary for children to live with their grandparents. Our team of Children Panel solicitors represent grandparents with legitimate reasons for seeking care of their grandchildren based on substance abuse, domestic violence, death or other issues with the parents. Our firm works closely with each client to define reasons for seeking guardianship and pursuing it to the fullest extent.

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